Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dance Recitals and roses

What a great and busy weekend.  Hailey had her dance recital this weekend.  They had two programs one at 2:00 and one at 7:00.  Grandma and I were going to go to the 2:oo one but by the time we got there (15 minutes early) it was standing room only.  So we all went to the 7:00 instead.  We went at 6:08.......we were waiting in line at the door.......and not the front of the line.  I'm amazed that a school dance program can bring that kind of enthusiasim out of this community.  Amazing.....the recital was great though.

Hailey (the ham she is) after her second dance, when leaving the stage, turned around and blew kisses to the audiance, then ran off the stage.  UNFORTUNATELY, I had just stopped the video camera and did not catch it on video.  CRAP!  The memory is stiil there though.

And of course a recital would not be complete without flowers.


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