Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm still alive...

So since we last spoke we got horses moved from South Dakota, and my Mom moved from South Dakota.  It is great having her closer, I see her a minimum of once a month now, usually two.

If it is not too blizzardy out, that is......

I got to go riding a few times before it got cold...........

Rebel was excited to explore his new digs too.......

All in all, the boys were excited to be in a new place,

I think they like a little adventure too.  Don't you?

I love this photo from Mom's move...

It was warm...believe it or not both those trailers are half full. 

We spent Christmas at my Mom's new house to sart some new warm memories for her there.  Sometimes starting over is not easy.  We had a nice quiet holiday, watching movies, eating, and sharing wonderful gifts!

Hope your hoildays were also wonderful!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RIP Coco Bean

Coco Bean died during the night last night of old age.  He was about 33 years old (which is very old for a horse). 

He made it back to Montana and was happy as a clam.  Our family owned him for 21 years of his life.  He was a treasured member of our family, and we will miss him dearly.

Love you Coco!


Monday, August 6, 2012

I lied.....again.....

Ok, so it was unintentional, completely, really....

I am sitting here tonight listening to the booming and singing of the concert over at the fairgrounds.  Joe Nichols is who I think is here.  Of course, I have not really paid much attention to Fair goings on with everything else going on.

He's pretty good, but the booming base is a little annoying after a while.  I think the whole town can hear him.  Seriously, this is a small town.

My step daughter got married in Eureka the end of July.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  This was the end walking up the isle.  She forgot to grab her bouquet back.
It was absolutely gorgeous.  She had an amazingly short and fun wedding.  We fished, snorkled, ate and drove through Glaacier Park.  We hadn't been through Glacier Park in about 10 years, which means Hailey had never been, so we went while we were in that neck of the woods.

It was also gorgeous, and since the battery on my camera had died at the wedding reception and I did not have the charger for it with me, I had to use an old style disposable camera. 

I will post pictures from that trip later.

See you soon!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Finding a moment

After traveling 300-something miles to Great Falls (one way) every weekend in May and the first weekend in June, and working and making my step-daughter's wedding quilt to get to the quilters by the middle of June......I'm here.

I have found a moment to tell we are good and I am alive.  My Mom, Hailey and I went to the PBR bullriding Friday night.  Then my sister, mother-in-law, mom, husband, daughter and I went last night.  It was great!

I wish I had taken my camera and taken all kinds of pictures for you, but I didn't.  I know, whip me with a wet noodle!

I have to be quick because in ten minutes I have to go pick up my daughter from swimming.

Mom's Day Flowers

Then I have to make to bindings for two quilts and get them sewn on.  Never mind everyone has been using them (including me) without the bindings on!  :)

I'll be back again..........


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cowboy Chocolate

In all of our traveling this summer, we managed to spend a day in Miles City with my family.  I got to see my new baby niece again, visit Mama niece and my sister and Mother.

We went into town and did a little bit of shopping and I found some of the coolest things.  Unfortunately I could not buy them all. 

I did buy these though (among other items).  I thought these were just awesome.

They are chocolate bars.

They are fun.......

....and they were good!  I only had one, my husband and daughter had the others.  Mine had the caramel in it, very good!

I picked these up at the Discovery Pond in Miles City.  I'm sure other people have them also.

Aren't they just cool?!  Wait, did I just say cool.  Never mind, I liked them a lot.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Bottle Faith

My daughter comissioned an old perscription bottle (viatimin D) to bottle a little faith tonight.  For those of you who are not sure how to do this, here are her instructions she gave me.

1.  Open the bottle.
2.  Put the bottle up to your mouth.  (Keep the lid ready....)
3.  Say the word Faith and blow a little air into the bottle.
4.  Then quickly place the lid on the bottle before it can escape.

That my friends, is how you reuse and old perscription bottle to bottle up a little faith.

Just so you know.

Gentrie (courtesy of Hailey)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

In my Brain.....

I haven't posted in so long I thought I'ld do a stream of thought. 

I leave tomorrow on a small trip and we just got back from Easter visit to SD.  Which was wonderful, but a LONG drive for such a short stay.  On the road again, without husband this time, and too much to cram into one weekend over there too.  I need to get all those O&M's together.  Did we pick windows for A.T. job yet?  I should check on the caulk for the windows out at L.  Did I call that Actioneer in GF for the meeting Sunday?  Crap....I need to do laundry TONIGHT!  Should pack the truck tonight....have to finish quilting that baby blanket on my machine first.  Did I call Crestwood?  Yes, left a message.  remeber to put the paperwork for Bonnie in my bag for GF.  At least I managed to get groceries this week.  Did I take something out for dinner?  Oh, yeah, I did.  What the heck am I going to make with chicken?  Have to get Hailey soccer socks.  Crap she has 3 games next week!  GS meeting next week.  Need to call 3 more parents today.  Does Mark have food for this weekend?  Yes - duh - got groceries this week!  Need to get money to go to GF this weekend.  Need to lay out one of those blocks before I leave tomorrow.  E-mail Hailey's teacher about me picking her up from school early.
Ugh- have to work on that aprtment floor plan.  And....clean up the PS steel plan.  I know I'm forgetting something about the L. job......  E-mail the crane guy about when the new chain will be here.  What am I ging to do with my Mom?  Should I go back over and just help her start packing? No, might make her mad.  Oh, I don't know.  What should we get Sidney for her wedding gift?  I wish the wind would quit blowing, my allergies are nuts.  Hmmmmm....... the inspector to verify next Thursday!

Gotta go......

Well anyway, here is nice picture for you to look at.....Mark got a large fish a few weeks ago.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Aaaaaahhhhh SUN!

So the sun finally put out the warmth this last weekend!  Yeah!

This was my seat A LOT this weekend!  (Nevermind the broom, I wasn't using it.  Today.)

This is our new neighbor friend.  Isn't he cute?!?!  I do not know his name but he is a sweetheart!



Saturday, February 11, 2012

OK....You got me.

OK, so maybe not all of our Internet problems are resolved. 
Or maybe it's really a computer problem. 
Or maybe it's a life problem.
Work, Girl Scouts, dinner, laundry, groceries, soccer, meetings with teachers, vehicle repairs, family concerns, is this even really a sentence?

We did go down and get to meet the newest addition to the family, Lilia (no 'h' I was informed).

Hailey SO loves babies, she just wanted to hold her all the time.  Of course there was the disappointment that she is too young to play at all.  I think the cuteness made up for it though.

Well, I was going to post more pictures, but it seems my picture uploader has other ideas.

Yours in life and frustration.....


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The new addition

I have so much news!  Where do I start?  I have been a very bad blogger.  Then as I was looking at a lot of other blogs that I follow I noticed that I was not the only "bad blogger" this year.  Seems as though a lot of people are having a hard time keeping up this year.

So now I don't feel quite as bad.

I think we got our Internet issues resolved.  Hence the new post.

For my first and BEST news.......drum roll please!

I am a Great Aunt!

I am not just singing my own praises, my niece had her first baby.  January 9th, Liliah Vaughn White.

Aaaahhhhhh!  She's cute too!

Don't you just LOVE babies?!?!  (I borrowed these pictures from my niece.)

I love this one, looks like she's talking with Mommy.

I used to sleep this way, still do sometimes.  Hailey sleeps like this sometimes too.

I know, I know, she's so cute right?  We'll be getting to see her this weekend.  Taking a day trip over to hang out and meet the new addition.

I won't have to borrow photos then, I'll have plenty of my own.

I just came to the realization the other day that sometimes, just sometimes.......... just have throw your hands up and let go!

(Look, my cat even sleeps like that!  MUST be a family trait!)  Yes, she's sleeping with her eyes open, weird, another family trait, the weird part.

Until next time, hopefully sooner than later.......


Monday, January 9, 2012


So I've adjusted my work schedule to stay home a little longer so Hailey can ride the bus from our house.  It is working out wonderfully.  I get a little slower prep time in the morning and Hailey has no problems getting ready in time since she is not rushed.

She even gets out of bed easier.
Even though she is getting up at the exact same time.
What's up with that?
Totally psychological isn't it?

Anyway, now I get to watch AMAZING views like this.....

This is the sunrise off my front porch.


Enjoying the small things......


Monday, January 2, 2012

Ummmm 2012?

I CANNOT believe it has been a month since I last posted!  OK, December was seriously a blur!  On top of that we have been without Internet for about two weeks.  Count them......1.....2......WEEKS!

I have been going BANANAS!

Especially since I just bought myself a NOOK and need WIFI to use it properly. 

I love my NOOK, and I am so glad I bought it.  I have read 3 books on it already since I bought it (just before Christmas).

I am also addicted to the WORDS with friends game.  I have 4 scrabble games going already and it is TOTALLY addicting!  I do REALLY suck at scrabble though.  So I am currently loosing all of the games.  I'm not worried though, I get a little better everyday.

There are also some pretty cool interactive kids books that I can put on them for Hailey.  She loves it too.

Not that she reads Spider Man, but the option is there.

We can also watch movies on it from our Netflix account. Or I can watch all my FOX shows that I miss because our satellite dish company does not carry the FOX station (boooooooo! Hisss!).

It's a little more spendy than the Kindle Fire, but I find it worth every penny.

So I hope you all got everything you wanted for Christmas and more!  I hope you all had a fun and SAFE New Year also.


PS.  Barnes & Noble does not know I exist (with the exception of their purchasing department, technically they do not know me, just my card number).  This is NOT a paid advertisement, I just like this product and thought I would share.