Thursday, April 12, 2012

In my Brain.....

I haven't posted in so long I thought I'ld do a stream of thought. 

I leave tomorrow on a small trip and we just got back from Easter visit to SD.  Which was wonderful, but a LONG drive for such a short stay.  On the road again, without husband this time, and too much to cram into one weekend over there too.  I need to get all those O&M's together.  Did we pick windows for A.T. job yet?  I should check on the caulk for the windows out at L.  Did I call that Actioneer in GF for the meeting Sunday?  Crap....I need to do laundry TONIGHT!  Should pack the truck tonight....have to finish quilting that baby blanket on my machine first.  Did I call Crestwood?  Yes, left a message.  remeber to put the paperwork for Bonnie in my bag for GF.  At least I managed to get groceries this week.  Did I take something out for dinner?  Oh, yeah, I did.  What the heck am I going to make with chicken?  Have to get Hailey soccer socks.  Crap she has 3 games next week!  GS meeting next week.  Need to call 3 more parents today.  Does Mark have food for this weekend?  Yes - duh - got groceries this week!  Need to get money to go to GF this weekend.  Need to lay out one of those blocks before I leave tomorrow.  E-mail Hailey's teacher about me picking her up from school early.
Ugh- have to work on that aprtment floor plan.  And....clean up the PS steel plan.  I know I'm forgetting something about the L. job......  E-mail the crane guy about when the new chain will be here.  What am I ging to do with my Mom?  Should I go back over and just help her start packing? No, might make her mad.  Oh, I don't know.  What should we get Sidney for her wedding gift?  I wish the wind would quit blowing, my allergies are nuts.  Hmmmmm....... the inspector to verify next Thursday!

Gotta go......

Well anyway, here is nice picture for you to look at.....Mark got a large fish a few weeks ago.