Friday, May 14, 2010


Oh, there in the distance
I hear it, I see it,
I long for it,
To touch it, to feel it
Warm, comforting, eternal.

I reach and reach,
Are my arms long enough?
Will my fingers ever get there?
Ah yes, they will.

I've found it, touched it,
Held it, comforted it
and now it's gone.....
It fades, away, away

My heart aches
and I long for it again.
Stronger now, as I know,
I know now what IT is.


I see it everywhere and watch it everywhere.  It is in all our daily lives, and today I choose love over hate and death and destruction.  I'll close my eyes to all else today and see only the love all around me, because today that is all I can handle.  Everything else will have to wait for another day..............

I challenge all of you to see ONLY all the LOVE around you for at least one day.............the rest can wait!

Go experience the'll never want to come back.


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