Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Little Victories

So I made progress on my Belated Baby Toddler Quilt.

The BIG obstacle was getting the table cleared off.  

I take little victories where I can get them......



Monday, February 23, 2015

The skeleton out of the closet....and back in....

So I did manage to complete a couple small things this weekend. 

I got the new buttons sewn on Hailey's boots.  They worked great, and I did have to dig for a large heavy duty needle to get through the suede and sheepskin.  
I used a thick pearl cotton also, I didn't want the thread to bust again!
Hailey was excited, and when she put them on this morning she said it was like putting on new boots.  Well.....

I got the binding done on the Halloween Skeleton.

 I really like this guy.  I might just hang him up year round.

Here is a shot of the scrappy back.  Oh yeah, that's why I'm not hanging it yet, no sleeve.  

I'm too lazy to do that now, actually I have another project I want to start instead.........



Friday, February 20, 2015

Pleather & buttons, Oh My!

I have NOT had a chance to get anything worked on this week.  We have had an exasperating week of parenting and parent care giving.  Nothing I had planned to get done did.

I found buttons yesterday to replace the buttons that fell off Hailey's boots
Did I get the chance to sew them on last night?  NO!
Did she wear them to school today? YES!

Of course, I also found some fabric to make a purse or tote out of.  I have not made up my mind which yet.

The top one is a canvas and the bottom one is a leather, I think they call it pleather.  Why?  I'm not sure, I just roll with it.

So the goal is to see what all I can get accomplished this weekend.




Monday, February 16, 2015

Patience.....not MY virtue

So I am waiting on some news, and let me tell you, patience IS NOT a virtue of mine!  I am so stinkin' impatient it is driving me crazy.  I feel itchy and like I have bees buzzing in my head. 

I must say I am more patient than some other people in my life.....not to name names......Mark......


Anyway, I had every intention of starting the late baby quilt on Sunday and well, it didn't work.

Piper had one of those days where she just wouldn't cooperate. 

That irritates me too.  Not mad at Piper.  Just edgy because I can't follow through on my plans and what I wanted to get done.

Probably had more to do with my other patience issues right now....

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines day!  It is my husband's birthday on Valentines day so that holiday kind-of gets shoved back to the back burner around our house.

Although he always remembers to get me a gift......

This year's gift, a copper bracelet.  He really knows me pretty well.  I am not a big fan of gold.  I love copper and silver.

So, here's to hoping that answers come soon or that I find some patience somewhere.....



Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another Baby Quilt....Late

So I've been telling myself I cannot start another quilt until I get all the bindings done on the quilts I just got back.

Shhhh, OK who am I kidding?  Three of them are holiday quilts that are MONTHS away.  I have time.

SO, as the Queen of procrastination I came up with a pattern for my new nephew (who is no longer new).  He is a few months younger than my Piper, which means over a year.....

Anyway this is what I came up with..

This is what I originally came up with in sketching....(yes I did use my block fan deck)....

In looking at my fabrics for the quilt I realized I had the darks and lights in the wrong spots.

So I re sketched in the correct shading order.....and a small border.  This ends up being a little over 4 feet square.

Now all I need is time.  Hmmmm, where can I get me some of that????



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentines and Crafts

So this weekend is Valentines Day, also known in our house as Mark's birthday.  Hailey's class is having their party on Friday. 

So it is filling out Valentine card season again.  I am a little bit bummed that her class is not doing the boxes this year.  Then again, there is a part of me that is relieved. 

So these are the Valentines she picked out.
Yep, remember making these as kids? 

Well I folded 28 of these bad boys Saturday.
My fingers are sore, and tired, and.....

Well anyway, I didn't have much time to work on this binding do to Valentines day prep and office party preps and such...
Mark was feeling a little crafty too.....
I let him borrow my cutting mat and rotary cutter.  I know, I'm wonderful, or crazy.  The up side is he always buys me a knew blade after he's done.

He made a purse/pouch for Hailey.  He said he has a few finishing touches to put on it, but you get the jist.

She loved it BTW.



Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fan Deck of Quilt Blocks

When we lived in Minnesota I had a friend who would have a quilting weekend at her house on Superbowl weekend every year.  It was awesome, and fun.  She had a book that contained about every block known to man in it.  It would never fail that book would end up at my station with a piece of graph paper with me figuring out a new quilt to make. 

I loved her book.

I miss her book.

I'm sorry, I do miss her too.  She is my bestie, but I also miss her book.

I also miss the Superbowl party weekends.

I digress......

Anyway.........when I was in my local quilt shop to drop off some quilt tops that were a hundred years old to get quilted.  (Well maybe not a hundred, but they were OLD man.  Like maybe 8 years old????)

I picked this baby up!

It's a fan deck of blocks, 102 rotary cut blocks.

It gives you 5 different size options for each block.  I think that is my favorite feature, the size options.

It also has the handy-dandy charts and reference information in it.

While I think my friend's book still had more blocks in it, this one is pretty cool.

And handy.....


While I have not actually used it yet, I have fondled it, and played with it.  Wondering what great creations will come of it. 

I have bindings to finish.  Blah!  Another reason I miss my quilty friend, she was a whiz at bindings and could whip one out in no time flat.  She enjoys doing them and would do at least 2 peoples bindings at her quilty weekend.

Rachel, will you come to Montana and do my bindings?????


Miss you girlfriend..... :)