Saturday, September 12, 2015

Progress and Plans

I'm checking in to let you know I am still making some slow progress.  I have 10 of Hailey's quilt blocks done so I laid out the backing piece she wants on it to figure out how many blocks I need to fit my backing.  Drum roll please.............45!  45 stinkin' blocks, only 35 more to go!

I am back on the bowtie band wagon to get my 80 done.  Even sneaking in some dark time sewing until Piper goes down so I can turn the light back on.

I realized today that I have never mad my grand-daughter Lynlee a quilt.  I have made her some "blankies" but not a quilt.  So today at the local quilt shop I picked up some fabrics to make her one.

I am thinking of a simple pattern that I can use the alphabet fabric to applique on her name.  I even have enough letters for Piper's name.......on something.......not a "quilt".......

The grays and colors in that fabric line will even work well with a few of the left over grays from my bowtie fabric.  SWEET!!



Saturday, September 5, 2015

Last weekend and Rainy Non-Sew Days

Last weekend I had every intention of blogging and it just got away from me.  The weekend I mean.  Then this week just flew by.  Work has been stressful and busy and irritating.  Architects can be bullheaded and stubborn. 

I made 20 more blocks last weekend for the block swap.  So I am half way through, only 40 more to go!  Yeah me!!

Here are some that I finished.

So I was looking at the left over strip pieces that this was creating and was trying to decide what to do with them.  So I decided to make strip sets out of them for now. 

Once I am all done I will decide what to do with them.  I will have a lot of coordinating 2.5" gray strips to go with them.

Today was yucky an rainy outside and quite cool.  Instead of quilting though I finished reading a book, did grocery shopping and such.

A rainy day is always a book reading day to me.  Ingrained from childhood I'm sure.

I was going through pictures on my camera and found this one from Piper's birthday.

How sweet!!