Saturday, May 8, 2010

Posotive Sunsets.......

Sunsets are beautiful, as are sunrises.  The only difference is that in the summer I do not get up early enough to see sunrises.  In the winter I am usually driving right into them.  There are rare times in the summer when my husband has talked me into getting up ungodly early for something or other and I get to sit and enjoy a sunrise.  Those are the best ones, because they are with him.........and if it weren't for him I wouldn't be in that moment anyway.
These rocks normally do not have a reddish hue.....that is the sun.

And here the sun is winding down another day.

These are my neighbor across the streets trees.  I have seen more beautiful sunsets here.......but this one is still nice.  I love the red and orange colors thrown across he landscape.  I find it interesting that colors that you would never imagine "going" with orange and red still look beautiful in a sunset.

Now if I could just loose 40 pounds all would be right in the world again.  OK maybe almost my world.........mostly.

Well, just shoot me for being positive.............Goodnight!


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