Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Madness

Amongst all of the Christmas Madness this quilt is still in the hoop, but getting sooooo close to done.

Between how busy we are at work and trying to get all the Holiday festivities and chores done it is not complete yet.  Basketball is over now (for the 6th graders).  In a way I am sad, I do enjoy watching Hailey play basketball.

I am loving our tree this year, smell and looks..

Mark got an elk this year which means we had to buy a small freezer to put the meat in.  Which means the shelf that was once in the room (no pictures due to the horrific mess it was) had to come out.

What to DO with the extra shelf????

In walks my Saturday project this weekend......

Yep, reorganizing my closet!!  I do not have my own quilting room in this house so the question becomes where to put stuff.  My husband could barely get to HIS portion of the closet due to boxes of quilting items in the way.

Insert trumpets sounding here.........he can now walk RIGHT up to his clothes now!  Oh, and the tool box is mine.  My husband did inform me that I have another tub of fabric in the storage unit, besides the tub of batting, and would I like him to bring it over?  Oh how sweet you are dear, but I think we may have to wait for that momentous occasion.

Again, the before photo is WAY TOO atrocious to post here.  Let me assure you this was an all day project.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!