Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some Awesome Friends

My friends in Minnesota sent me a gift a week ago.

Oops!  Um, that's not it.......

Let me find it here......

Oh!  Here it is!

It's a quilt kit of the 2011 Quilt Minnesota fabric!  Including backing and a charm pack.

AND.......they all signed a card to me......it made me tear up.  **sniff**

I miss them all, Thanks to all my awesome and amazing quilting friends in Minnesota.  I miss you guys!



Sunday, August 28, 2011

THE Boots

Hailey finally got a new pair of cowgirl boots.

She was Super excited the whole ride there!

These are the new boots.......this is the first time she took them off except for sleeping.

So what do you think?  Women's size 7 boot......Yikes!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

School Fashion Show

The first day of school was yesterday.  Hailey got to meet her new teacher and see her new school.  She said their were a couple of kids in her class that she knew from daycare.  (I was glad, I worried about her all day!)

Tuesday night she had a fashion show of her new clothes for her Dad.  (Her Dad's idea since for some reason he wanted to help her pick her first day outfit.)

We shut down the lights and sat in the living room.  Dad ran a flashlight spotlight for her "runway" walk.

Total drama posing..........you can see Dad's handy spotlight work.  This was his favorite outfit.

OK, cute outfit, but this picture turned out cool with the motion showing......and the crazy spotlight blur (Dad was going for the strobe affect I think.)

Oh Yeah!  Show off that glitter Girl!  (Don't mind Dad's spiky hair.)

I personally really like this sweater.  She looks very grown up in it.  (*sniff*)

She looks super cute in this hat, but I couldn't get a good shot. 

There were other outfits but these were the best photos.

The first day went well and she thought she may like this school better.  I think the kids have been a little more excepting of the "new kid".  She has made quite a few friends already.

More later!


PS - She wore the first outfit on the first day!

Monday, August 22, 2011



Just sometimes,

It's just enough to chill with some good cheese puffs.........

........and a cool pair of shades.



Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rancher Rodeo

Last Sunday I went to the Glendive rancher rodeo with my sister.  This is not like a regular rodeo.  This rodeo simulates activities ranchers really have to perform.  Like seperating certain cows to be worked on or sold or shipped.

First find the cows with your number on their back.

Seperate them to the other end of the arena....

Get them in the pen........

Then shut the gate.  The time whistle is blown.........

Then there is the branding competition (they use chalk on the branding iron).......

Time doesn't stop until they are back in the pen with their buddies.  Sometimes they need a little help in the right direction......

Then ther's vacination.......RUN!  Time doesn't stop here until the "vet" makes it back to the timer.  They use a red chalk pen for this one.

I had a visitor during the whole thing......I think he was enjoying the show too...

Then there's a little bulldogging.........

Then there's a little loading a cow and some horses in the trailer........

For all these they have to rope a specific cow with the "certain" number on it's back before performing the task.  Not as easy as it sounds.  It is also timed, so if they take too long getting the right calf they have no time for the task.....then it's a no time.

It was fun, in a watching how uncooperative and unpredictable animals can be, kind of way!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red Beer.....

Some days I would really kill for an ice cold red beer.  When I say red beer I mean a beer on tap, in a glass, with a splash of tomato juice.  Ice cold this is amazing.  Either that or a Corona with lime, again ice cold, warm beer is gross.

My husband has not drank for 11-1/2 years.  I have not drank for about as long, except for the occasional drink with a friend about once, maybe twice a year.  Sometimes not at all in a year.

But, sometimes, I just get the craving.  The intense, irresistible urge to go to the anonymous, crowded, and slightly loud bar and sit and have a tall, ice cold, glass of red beer.  The tangy tomato taste combined with the bitterness of the beer make for a smooth, cool, refreshing drink that inevitably satisfies something deep down inside me.  Something more than just a craving......


OK, I feel better.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

The trouble with blogging this summer....

The trouble with blogging this summer is there is soooo much going on.  I find myself in the middle of things and wishing I had my camera because this would make a funny blog.

Like when my daughter beat her Daddy with a blow-up sword for not giving her Mommy a hug and kiss.  Where was my camera then?  Well I'm not sure, but it was funny.

Or like when I felt like hurling after I road the Starship Trooper ride with my daughter and the little boy in front of us barfed.  I amost lost it. 

Everything has been so fast paced and non-stop I just have not had time to stop and think, photo-op!  I guess I am not a true photographer.

Having a great summer though.....


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Small Fair and a List

As I had blogged a while ago (jeez that long already?) Hailey and I went to the fair in Rosebud County.  This is where I grew up and it was fun going back.  It's a small fair but so much fun, the lines were short for the rides and Hailey really did have a blast.

These were taken from my cell phone so I apologise for the washed out look.

This picture is so cool, it makes me squint just looking at it.

This girl loves to spin, she has my stomach, not her Dad's.

1. Our life is starting to get back to a norm.  We are moved to our "house" and out of the dinky apartment. 

2. Everything is still in boxes (so maybe a little chaos yet).

3. I got half of the kitchen unpacked last night.

4. The reason I hadn't blogged was because of the move.

5. .....And the weekend trip back to Minnesota.

6. We were non stop moving and working, it was exhausting.

7. We have to do that one more time before winter.

8.  I'm torn between happiness over that and dread.  (It's a long trip, but I COULD see my friends again.)

9. I missed seeing a bunch of friends this last trip, I guess I need to announce my plans better.

10. I'll be back more often, I promise, half my life is not spent driving anymore.  (I just need to dig it out of the boxes!)