Monday, May 17, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things............

So this is one of my favorite pictures of Hailey.  It so personifies her in soooooo many ways!  This picture is actually from last summer.  Those are strawberry shortcake sunglasses she's wearing and they make everything turn pink.  That would be why she loves them, the pink thing.  She has a pink and purple stringy ponytail thing in her hair and the scarf, of course tops it off.  Although..........nothing comes close to the ATTITUDE in the picture.......she's DIVA all the way!  Anyone who knows Hailey, knows that to be true of her completely.  Which she totally stands out in my family, as we are all horse loving country girls........the farthest thing from Divas you can get.  (Well almost....we are still girls after all.)

This is my other favorite picture of Hailey.  This was last fall at a Twins game.  This is soooooo Hailey also.  She's a goof ball and really likes slush's.  She likes baseball too......and fishing.  Seriously, she can out cast the neighbor boys who are older than her.  Dad had her started early.  She even has a nicer fishing pole than the boys. 

The Twins are playing outside now.......we'll have to go check that out, sometime.

This is also one of my favorite pictures.  This is my niece Steph and her fiance Steven.  I'm not sure just is.  Maybe it's how content they look.  Peaceful, calm, young, happy......lots of stuff there.

I'm not sure I have a point to this post other than these are some of my favorite pictures.  Did I have to have a point to blog?  I don't think so, I didn't see that in the manual.

OK, talk to you guys later!


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