Friday, May 28, 2010

Fire, Hamburgers & Swimming

I asked my husband if we could cook hamburgers on the fire tonight.  I LOVE burgers cooked on a campfire.  It was hot again today though and he works outside all day in the HE wasn't so enthused.  He tried for meatloaf.....we had no eggs.......he tried for something else also....but we were missing another ingredient.  I finally laughed and said:

"The Universe is working against you hun!"

Mark laughed and said:  "I'll go start the fire."

So......we had black beans and rice with campfire hamburgers.......YUMMM!

Sometimes you just have to quit fighting it and go with the flow.

Yesterday was Hailey's play day at the recreation center here in town for the kindergartner's.  I was a chaperon for her group.  There were A LOT of kids there.  The teachers did an awesome job!  First they took all the kids upstairs to eat lunch.  Hailey and I had made ours at home.

This is the room we ate lunch in..........I could not get them ALL in the picture!

This is Hailey swimming with her friend Alivia..........I think they thought the lifeguard was cute.  They are right in front of his chair.

That's Hailey coming off the slide......see that BIG smile?  She loves it!

We had fun......I'm glad I got to go.

See you!  Gentrie

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