Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Finish...And another border

This last Saturday was a Sew Saturday.  We only have one more left then we are done until fall again.  I am SAD!  :(

I sewed the binding on my Valentines quilt.  I just machine sewed it on both sides with a cute heart decorative stitch.

I used a left over binding from another quilt......and there is still some left.

I was originally thinking a solid black, but the dots are pretty cute.

I also worked on my next pieced border on the CAL King quilt.

I was going to make the center diamond white, but the quilt was getting too white .  I mean, I AM married to a construction worker after all.  There will need to be a spacer on top and bottom.  So I need to work that out next.

The next two borders are not pieced so YA!  That means I am almost done!!!!

Next month is our last month to meet for sew group, sooooo, I should get it done then!



Tuesday, March 7, 2017

An In-The Hoop Finish

I FINALLY finished hand quilting my Valentines Day wall hanging.  I still need to put the binding on, but my goodness, it is done.  (I prefer to say way early......rather than late.)  :)

The quilt pattern was just free style.  I used the wash pen to draw it on  and then would go back and quilt over it.  Some stitch in the ditch also....

So we went from 60 plus degrees this weekend to a full on BLIZZARD Monday morning.  Welcome back winter!!

Ok, I've had enough, spring can come back anytime now.  (Not likely.)