Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quilt sending SOS......

My Dad used to go elk hunting every winter for a week.  Him and his buddies would load up the horses and head out into the mountains and hunt elk.  Sometime when I was young.....or not Dad had bought and old quilt in a second hand store to use for hunting.  Because in the mountains in Montana in the's freakin' COLD!  It's a tumbling blocks pattern, the tops of the blocks are crazy quilted.  After going through all Dad's stuff and doing the auction it has been found!

It was in a trunk in the barn with all of Dad's other hunting things (go figure!).  I now have it in my posession, and it needs help.  It looks like a mouse or some sort of rodent chewed on it in couple places, and well, it smells like barn.  I desperately need to wash it but am afraid to because of the chewed spots.  I need to fix the bad spots but I do not know how to embroider.  So HELP!

I am posting some photos to see which of you will have some advice.  By the way....the back of the quilt is pieced together old flour and sugar sacks!!!!!!  How cool?!?!

Ok, time to comment and give me your ideas.

Here is the quilt, see the tumbling blocks?  This is made from tweeds, wools and flannels and such.  It's tied, and the "batting" looks like it's old sheets or an old blanket or something.  See the little chew holes?

This is one of the sugar sacks on the back.  It looks like whoever made it turned the writing on them to the inside because the lettering is backwards and you can only see the writing on a couple of them.

The quilt also has a signature on the back but only a small portion is visible now.  I am so intrigued by this quilt!  Can someone please help me and give me some advise about restoring this without compromising the integrity of the quilt?

Thanks.........very appreciatively yours.........Gentrie


  1. vacuum it with a screen on top first...I have direction somewhere here for caring for antique quilts...

  2. What kind of screen? And do you know how to embroider Rachel? THANKS!!!!