Sunday, June 25, 2017

Stressful things...

I am not very far on my last camper quilt.  Once again life has risen it's ugly head and interfered.  I got one more row of borders on this morning.  I really didn'the have time but I squeaked it in for my sanity.

It took about an hour to piece the scrappy rows then sew them down but I did it!!

This is where we are now.  Width is almost right, but I need a lot more height, like at least 2 feet. 

My Mom'a place sold this last week so now I have to get it empty.  We had a sale this weekend and while a lot of stuff went there is still a lot more.  It is so stressful.  I need to meditate......and sew.

Soo many memories coming up.  What an emotional ride.  I WILL see it through!  This quilt WILL get done!

So much to do, so little time.  My laundry room is shouting at me....



Sunday, June 11, 2017

Next camper quilt

When I decided to do camper quilts I made a deal with myself not to buy any new fabrics to make these quilts.  The other deal was that they needed to be scrappy and easy.  (The last is so I can actually get them done!)

So the woodsy one was easy, I have a lot of that fabric.  Now what?

I still have 80 bow tie blocks from a block exchange I did with Fun with Barb about a year ago (maybe 2).  These are perfect.  Already made, they make a cool pattern and I can throw a few easy borders on.

The color options were bright modern or civil war.  I don't feel I really fall into either category but my kids like the brights and I like modern more than civil war, too depressing.  (Just my opinon, no offense.)

I also had quite a bit left over, enough for borders and such.  A few months ago (before retreat) I had bought the lettered gray for background and borders for these bowties.  I had taken them to retreat.....

This is what I have so far.  Some of these fabrics I do love.  Others not so much, but together they work.

I get nervous doing block exchanges, it's a judgement thing.  This was anonymous, so that eases it a little.  This is the center, what do you think so far?  My 13 year old already loves it.

P.S:  I suck at scrappy, so these being random and nothing alike helps me!!



Sunday, June 4, 2017

One down....? To Go..

One camper quilt is down.  I actually managed to get this completed in 2 days!  That is fast in my world of kids and working.  Easy-peasy pattern  meant for quick sewing.

I had 2 packs of charms of the same woodsy fabric from years gone by.  It was a Moda, Holly Taylor I am sure.  I also had a lot of woodsy fabric to go with it.

This quilt is what I call a lap quilt.  It is about 6' long and about 5' wide.  This is a good snuggle size for my family, we are tall.  The row on top and bottom is called Birds in the air.  Fun Block.
(That is Hailey's foot sticking out. She is a little over 6' tall.)

I will now pull from my extensive flannel stack and piece a back together for it.  I want to use wool batting in it.  This quilt will be warm and snuggly and will breathe.  Perfect for snuggling around the campfire!