Saturday, May 22, 2010

..........And Holy Crap the WIND!

You know, we moved from Montana to Minnesota.  In Montana it is windy all the time, especially when your in a river bottom flat in between a few mountain ranges.  It comes rushing down those mountains and SWOOSH down across the plains.  Windy, windy, windy.  Great Falls, where we used to live is actually known as 'The Windy City', seriously, it was even on Jeopardy people.

One thing we thought upon moving was "at least we'll be out of the constant wind"!  Um, yeah, I think it followed us.  My husband was working on a bridge a week ago and they had to work under the bridge because the wind was so strong they were scared they would drop a piece of plywood (4' x 8' piece) on a passing motorist.  He told me he was having Great Falls flash backs!

Today is another WINDY day, it about blew my daughter off of her bike.  Everyone around here tells us the wind is unusual for around here.  So that means it followed us right?  It missed harassing us so much it tracked us down and is blowing us to Kingdom Come again!

That's the only explanation I can think of.  Right?!  So we might as well move back if we cannot get away from it right?

HHHHMMMMM............I'm tired of the wind.  Makes me want to chop all my hair off!  But then I'd look like my sister, can't be having that!  So ponytail haters be's my new least until the wind goes away.



  1. and what's wrong with looking like me huh????