Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Slideshows and Flying

I just finished making a slideshow to music and a DVD of videos of Hailey for my Mother-in-law to play in her DVD player.  It's her birthday today, (I know, I'm running a little late).  Karmalee.......shut up (that's my seestor).  Ok.....so anyway they turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself.  She's been missing us lately.  We've been gone 4 years now and have not seen her since last summer.  Actually it will be a year this weekend.

Here's a fun trivia fact......you (you, me, anyone) can fly round trip to Germany for the same price as a round trip ticket to Montana from Minneapolis!  Here's the kicker.........they have 4 DIRECT flights a day from Minneapolis to Montana.......wether you are on the plane or not.  I DO NOT get it!  Ok I'm off my soap box now.

Anyway, I know she'll cry when she watches both of them.  I'm suggesting she watches the slideshow first so she'll be able to pick Hailey out of the groups in the videos.  My mother-in law is 5'1" tall, we had a good laugh Sunday that when she sees Hailey again they will be the same height.  What's scary is that is easily possible as Hailey is only 7" from there now and she grew more than an inch just in this school year.  At this rate she'll be a giant.  In reality I know one day she will slow down and that will be the end.  I know this from personal experience.

After watching this slideshow at least three times I started noticing two things about my daughter:

1 - She is never NOT POSING when a camera is in the vacinity.  (I think that picture of her sleeping is the only "natural" photo I have of her.)

2 - She has three shirts that are very obviously her favorites.  Because after watching the slide show you wouldn't think she has any more.  Believe me she does.......I do the laundry people.

So I'm hoping she enjoys these and that they make her feel a little closer to us.  Happy Birthday Bonnie!  Here's to many more.....'clink'......cheers!


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