Saturday, October 30, 2010


We carved pumpkins tonight.  Usually we carve at least 4 or 5 but this year Halloween has snuck up on us.  We only did one for Hailey this year.  The neighbor girl had a pumpkin so Mark let her bring hers over and he did one for her too.

Mark cut the top off then the girls got them good and cleaned out.  My job is to transfer the pattern to the pumpkin, then Mark does the carving.  He has gotten pretty good at it now.

This one is Hailey's pumpkin........

(OK....I can't get this to's right on my computer.)

This is Kayla's pumpkin.......

She really liked this one.  She was so excited to get a pumpkin, they are not allowed to trick or treat.

Well, hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween.  I'll post Hailey in her costume tomorrow.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Good News...

Here is the good news........

1.  I've lost about 5 pounds (I'm not dead yet either, you may have noticed.)

2.  Tomorrow is Friday

3.  Sunday is Halloween ( I LOVE Halloween, even though I am TOTALLY not prepared for it this year!)

4.  It's supposed to be fairly nice this more wind (Did it seriously follow us from Great Falls?  Or is the ozone so depleted that the spinning of the earth is literally blowing our hair back?  he he!)

5. Tomorrow is Friday........ Oh, did I say that already?

6.  I can watch Bones on the internet because I missed it tonight.

7. I love this picture........ 

8.  I still have time to finish my nieces center pieces for her wedding.  (Not much........but some.)

9.  House be damned, I'm working on those center pieces this weekend!

10.  It's my friend Rachel's Birthday today.......Happy Birthday Rachel!  Come and sew at my house Saturday, we'll lock the kids in a room together with bread and water.  (I kid, kind-of. )


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Loving Memory.......

I'm terribly saddened today, in fact, tears slide down my cheeks as I write this post.  A terrible tragedy has taken the life of a dear dear boy that I have known since he was approximately 3 years old.

He's 17 years old and a senior in High School, and his life was tragically ended this Sunday.  I cannot go into details, nor do I really wish to.  I will miss him terribly and wish with all my heart I could be with my friends now to hug them and support them in their terrible time of grief. 

Such tragedy........I have always believed everything happens for a reason.  Sometimes I do not like the things happening and do not agree with them.  They can be incredibly difficult to accept......but I have always stuck to my guns......until now.

Why?  Why such tragedy?  Why him?  Why now?  Why in this way? WHY!?  What could POSSIBLY be the reasoning?  My heart aches, for the loss of a truly beautiful soul and for a grieving family trying to make sense of it dear friends.

In LOVING memory of Augustus.........

We love and miss you now and forever..........


Monday, October 25, 2010


I started a new work out regime this month.  Might I say it's been kicking my ass?  Not only is it hard to get it worked into an already crazy schedule, but I am SERIOUSLY out of shape.  I was also right, I cannot swim more than two laps in a row right now.

I spent my whole day cleaning this house from top to bottom......don't ask it's a long story, let's just say it HAD to be done.  I was a bit pissy today about that as I was supposed to spend all day today working on my nieces place mats for her wedding.  Anyway, I digress, the point is I've been moving non stop all day and have walked up and down my two sets of stairs more times today than I have in two months.

Had to walk the dog tonight then on top of that I had to still go work out tonight.  Let's just say I'm beat!

It may kill me yet.........stay tuned........


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where did the week go?????

I just logged on to do a post and saw the last time I posted was Tuesday!  WOW!  Where did the week go?  Did I really not post at all after Tuesday?  Hmmmm........let's see...

Wednesday - work and then to school to pick up Hailey from cheer practice, quick dinner then football game where Hailey performed at halftime.  Home put three girls to bed (sleep over).

Thursday - Get three girls up, pick up the house, get two girls home and one ready to go.......go to post office, bank get gas, go to friend Rachel's house for sewing................................home, make dinner, greet new dog who came home with husband, play fetch FOREVER!  Get him settled.  Get kid to bed......clean up kitchen and put me to bed.

Friday - tried sleeping in (failed spectacularly - it was a tremendous effort though).  This day is a bit of a blur......I'm not sure what all went down that day, walked the dog for an hour, paid bills, bought a collar, leash, dog food, cleaned up house, washed dog kennel, washed dog (he was extremely stinky) took cargo cage out of back of truck, put dog kennel in back of truck, packed to go to Grandma's loaded truck, left for grandma's................that's what I remember.  I think there was a lot more going on that day.  I just can't remember it all.

Saturday - at grandma's

Sunday - 1/2 day at Grandma's, home @ 4:50....unload/go get food for us and dog food (Mark forgot the dog food at Grandma's) catch with dog for a Hailey with a lot of homework, get her sale items together for school, get her in shower and to some laundry and blog.......

OK......well that is where my week went.

Here is Diesel, our new/old dog.  He is supposed to be 5, but he looks older than that.  He's very energetic and could fetch all day.....

I'm not exactly sure how he actually gets that tongue in his mouth.  This is his general look, pretty much all the time.  Isn't he cute?

Ever feel like you're being watched?  This is who was watching me while I was taking these pictures.....

Grandma's barn kitties were following me around everywhere this morning.  They were very interested in what I was doing......from a distance.  They pretty much let me get too much closer.

It was a nice weekend though.

Tomorrow is my last day off.  Hmmmmmm........what to do.........


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The dog is coming, the dog is coming........

So we are getting a dog.  His name is Diesel and is 5 years old.  We are getting him Thursday night.  Tomorrow night Hailey has her football cheerleader thing. 

She's doing a cheer leading camp and they do a cheer and a dance at halftime of the football game tomorrow night.  (She SOOOOOO does not get that from me, by the way.)  No school Thursday or work either.......Yeaahhhhhhh!

So we go to get Diesel Thursday night.  I'm excited, it's been a long time since I've had a dog.

He's a black lab.  Hailey is so excited she can hardly stand it.  She wouldn't stop talking all night.  Mark's excited to get a hunting dog. 

On another note, did I mention that I have 5 DAYS IN A ROW OFF!!!!!  WOOOOHOOOOO!

Oh, and we are getting a dog!  WOOOOOHOOOOOO!


Monday, October 18, 2010

The day Aliens obducted Mark.....

I just have to post this real quick.  My wonderful husband of 10 years, the man who has admittedly refused me the joy of owning a dog (for 10 years)........ called me this morning and asked me if I wanted a black lab.

"Who are you, and what have you done with My-Mark?"

(Little did you know that his name is actually My-Mark......just ask all my friends!:) )

May miracles never cease......Amen.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

A day to relax......

This week has been very stressful and very eventful.  I did not accomplish anything I wanted to and had a few out comes I never wanted.  Some outcomes were surprisingly simple. 

So I slept in today, made my daughter pancakes, and finished reading my book.  Made my husband a BLT for lunch after he got home from work and helped him a little with the new fascia board he's putting up on the back shed.

It is another day, and today, God willing, it will be uneventful and quiet.  Might I dare say, restful?  Is typing that permanently jinxing everything, or committing it to being so?  I will go with the makes me feel better.

It's my blog......I can if I want.

I picked these today......

OK......I was going to post some Mums here that I picked today.......but my "I" drive that I need to upload the picture has stopped working.

I really need to get my computer in to get's been having issues for a while now.

So I hope you enjoy a picture of someonelses Mums, and imagine mine sitting on my table in all their purplish glory!

You know, mine are prettier though........


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Digging for wood.......

Tonight was digging for slivers night.  I really like digging for slivers.  No, really.  I REALLY like digging for slivers. 

Being married to a carpenter, fortunately allows me to fulfil this passion often.  I mean OFTEN.  (That word looks weird in caps...)

In fact tonight I got to dig out 3.......yes......count them.......3!  I was in sliver digging heaven I tell you! 

I might add that my husband thinks I'm a bit of a masochist.  He says I just like to see him in pain.  (Well maybe just a little.)  I still love him though.

These slivers were huge.  Big deep slivers.  It was a sliver gold mine, and I hit the jackpot!

OK, so maybe there is just a touch of masochist in me, but just a teeny tiny bit.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Ever feel like you are actually talking to no one?  That I am sitting here typing away random thoughts and posting photos and I'm just talking to myself?

I get that a lot here at home.  Talking away to find out when I'm done with my speal that no one was actually listening.

"What did you say?"

"Never mind"  (deep sigh)

........and I turn and walk away, talking to myself once again, about how no one listens to me.  This time wishing no on IS listening to me because I might just sound a little crazy.

Is this just me?

Hello?  Are you there?


Monday, October 4, 2010

School pictures.......

So it's school picture time again.  Hailey got her 1st grade pictures back.  I wish I had a picture of me in 1st grade to compare it.  Next trip to Grandma's I'll have to raid the photo album.  I may have one in the basement........but with the state our basement is in.........that's a big chore.

What a great photo, it captures her so well.  Notice the lip gloss?  That was her "supermodel" mirror time before the photo.  Her hair is shorter now and one of the front teeth is missing.  Still........

Of course I could be a little biased........


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another tooth gone

Hailey has another tooth gone.  Dad helped pull it out this morning.  It needed to go, it was time.

The other front one is not far behind.  I'm sure Dad will be happy to help with that one too.......

Anxiously awaiting a visit from the Tooth Fairy.......


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Starting to feel better......

I wrote about my nose earlier.  Well, it hit me like a freight train yesterday.  YUCK!  I'm starting to feel better now, but still have NO energy whatsoever.  I could sleep all day today I think.  I can breath again now though.......that's a good thing.

Usually it's my family that gets sick and not me.  I am always taking care of the sickly while I myself never get sick.  For some reason I got hit this time.  I think it's been about 4 years since I've been sick........maybe longer. 

Started seriously working out a couple weeks ago and honestly I think that is what made me sick.  I know not rational, but there it is.  OK, the stress could have had something to do with it.

So I have to start working out again tomorrow.  I'm guessing it's going to be tough, but I'll take it a little easy the first day back. 

Anyway, starting to feel better..........I gotta go to sleep now.