Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Quiet Drive

Wednesday morning Mark woke up and couldn't move.  Well he could, but barely and not without pain.  He had tweaked his back a few days earlier and had been fighting muscle spasms ever since.  This fine morning, he was one huge knot and couldn't move.

So, I went to work alone, Hailey opted to stay home with Mark. 

So, I took a few pictures on my way in and plugged in my relaxing tunes and chilled the whole ride.

Can you believe this at 5:30am?  Just beautiful!  Grass is freshly cut in the ditches.  This morning it was bailed.

Irrigation and mowed ditches.  This really all brings back so many memories.

Since I had made such wonderful time and still had 35 minutes to get to work......I treated myself to THE MOST wonderful $3.00, 20oz latte EVER!

Then I headed to the office to check my e-mail and get ready for a 10 hour day of work.  It's amazing how fast the day goes by when you are enjoying yourself.  Who knew?

So that's a snap shot of my drive to work.  See ya on the sunny side!


P.S.  Mark went to a massage therapist for the 1st time in his life Wednesday.  She spent an hour and a half on him getting him unknotted.  He said he feels 35 years old again today.  I said "Really?  Maybe you should get your money back!"  He laughed, he really has gotten the spring back in his step and a smile on his face. YEAH!  :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Move Part 1....

We moved last weekend.  I can't believe it has already been a week.  Hailey and I hit the road Saturday morning, fully loaded down with my husband's boat in tow (with Hailey's bike in it).

We had a fun trip and only had one incident on the way which I managed to get fixed on my own.  After a questioning, frustrated call to Mark.

Hailey took pictures on our trip over and I am just opening the file to take a look at them.  Our day over here starts at 4:30 in the morning and we do not get home until 7 @ night.  I've been a bit exhausted and preoccupied to blog this week.  I promise I will be better!

To top it off I forgot my camera all week long!  There are several pictures I want to take on the drive to work.  I promise I will remember it this week!

Did I mention Hailey got her hair cut right before we left?  Notice I cannot see out my rear window...

Me, in drive/travel mode.....she has good timing.....I only glanced over at her, honest.

The dragonfly my mom gave me for my birthday (days early) it joins Dad's angle......

Outside of Bismark this storm looked a bit ominous, but didn't amount to it is a lot on the can see them coming for miles, and miles, and miles......

Sometimes boredom took over..............

Hailey had been trying for this shot all day, she finally got it after Dickinson.

We made a plan to come back and visit the Theodore National Park in the Badlands this summer, it was beautiful, and we saw a couple of herds of wild mustangs.

.......and then we were there!  Hailey put her sweater over head so she could surprise her Dad with her haircut.  Sorry it is blurry, action shot.  She missed her Daddy so much!  So did her Mommy......

I have checked out the quilt store know, is awesome.  I am pleased.

I'll keep you posted on our new adventure!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Dislike for Packing

We are officially packing everything in the house.  I either gets packed to stay here or packed to come with.

Logically I am trying to pack everything that stays here first.  As most of the things that will be "going" we still need.

This is the upstairs landing, Hailey's bed is dismantled waiting for the buyer to come and get it.

Boxes are stacking up everywhere. 

Walls are bare......notice I am still trying to get some quilting in here and there.

I keep thinking that I am almost there and not much is left but then more stuff pops up.  This is why I hate packing.  It sucks and is a pain.  We need way less stuff.

Back to the packing, Hailey is BEGGING me to take her swimming this afternoon at the Rec Center.  Which means I have to get some packing done this morning.

The day quilting with my friends this last Saturday was great fun.  I'll post on that a little later.

So see you later for now......from my house of boxed disarray.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Saying Goodbyes

So last night was quilt guild.  I made my last run with the girls to Perkins for "cofee".  We usually sit and chat from about 9:00 to 11:00 or 11:30ish.  This was my last run.  I'm sorry to say we were missing a couple girls last night.

That 'We Can Do It' sign in the background is a lot like the sign that goes on every quilt retreat with us.

We tried to get Hailey to flex her arm but she wouldn't.  Which is really unusual for her, she is normally such a ham!

Tomorrow we are doing a day quilting retreat.  All of us together one day sewing our brains out, and laughing one last time.

Geez, I'm gonna miss them.  I'll post pictures later this weekend.

Sometimes saying Goodbye is so much FUN, and SAD at the same time.......


Monday, June 6, 2011

Darn Birds....

For some reason birds keep flying into our windows.  It's not like they are over clean.  They are on the inside, well mostly.  Ah shush!  On the outside they are not all that sparkly.  When I say that I mean they are not sparkly at all, dusty, a little cob webby, you know. 

There are about a million or more spiders in this country.  I mean seriously, sit still for 10 minutes and there is one making a web at your feet and up your legs.

So what's the dealio?  Are birds really that dumb?  Or is it the same dumb one over and over again?  You would think he would figure it out, but then again he's hit the window so many times he's probably a little 'tarded now.

(photo courtesy of the "")

 Don't tell him I said that though......

12 days and counting people, 12 days and counting!!!!


Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Official

So all the people who had to know first now know, and now you will know.

Hailey and I are moving back to Montana.  Mark is already over there and has been for over a month.  Today it is our wedding anniversary, which really has nothing to do with anything other than it sucks being 700 miles from each other on our anniversary.

Anyway, I got the call yesterday, and I am now newly employed, starting the 20th of June.  Lot's to do before then.

For those of you who do not know we are originally from Montana, both of us. 

It will be difficult the first year since we'll be paying for two places until the house here in Minnesota sells, but we will manage.  I'm putting out the good vibes that the house sells BEFORE the end of summer.

Help me with that will you?  We need it to go, soon.

I'll keep you posted on the progress.