Thursday, April 29, 2010

Haileyisms continued.....

OK, I have to post this very quickly as it seriously cracked me up.  First I want to put up a disclaimer that we are an alcohol free household.  My husband has been sober for more than 10 years now (yeah!) and I only drink in the company of my girlfriends which amounts to maybe once or twice a year (usually on quilt retreat).

I was brushing my daughter's hair this morning and it was particularly snotty.....which she loathes!  She HATES having the knots combed out of her hair.  I mean HATES it,  I think she hates nothing more in this world.

So, anyway, I'm brushing her hair trying to be as gentle as I possibly can (while she stomps her foot and says OW!) and she says............ (drum roll)

"I need a drink!" (This with a completely pouty and SERIOUS face!)

I cracked up laughing and had to stop brushing her hair from laughing.
Hailey looked at me, completely bewildered and said,

"Mom, what's so funny? I'm thirsty, can you hurry?"

I couldn't help myself, and since she has grown up in an alcohol free house she had NO idea what was so funny about what she had said.

Too much I tell you.........I love my kid!


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