Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Piper wearing big sissy's Favorite hat

She's not much for hats, but she sure liked this one!  

(I'm sure it had nothing to do with it being Hailey's!)

Have a wonderful Hump-day!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Spring Cleaning

OK, so it is not spring here yet, but the last few days sure have felt like it. 

I have cleaning closets and putting stuff up for sale, even Hailey got the spring clean bug and downsized her room load and then rearranged her room.  WOW!

I was actually looking for something specific in my boxed up quilting stuff when I came across a bunch of completed tops.

So I completed a new Halloween top and sent them ALL to the quilter to get quilted.  Might as well wrap SOMETHING up, Right?

Here they are......
This one turned out really cool since she quilted it in spiderwebs....

This is for Mark, and she quilted it with nuts, bolts, hammers and  It would actually be cute in my office also.....just sayin'.

I have a challenge for you.......Who can date these fabrics?  Even I can not remember....
  OK, this one it would not import correctly, sorry....

I'm binding this one with the backing fabric, because I love it.....

I'll give you a hint......the skeleton one is the only recent one......




Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Random Thoughts....

Here is a random post.  It has been in the -15 to -20 below here lately, off and on, brr.  When it gets that cold I put Piper in her snow pants to travel to daycare and such.
Isn't she cute?  She ABSOLUTELY refuses to wear snow boots, so she does have her tennies on.

Also, on a completely separate note, I have had this quilt shelf for probably over ten years.  I got it when we lived in Great Falls, it went to Minnesota with us and back to Montana and has NEVER been hung.  WELL, dah-dah-dah!!!!!
I got it hung in our bedroom over the bed.  Mark had those deer antlers lying on the floor so I put them up there so they were out of the way, adds a little masculinity to the room also.  That is not the quilt meant to hang from there, but I have to FINISH the other one.  Go figure.

Any way, that's all I have today.......

Stay Warm


Monday, January 5, 2015

Piper's Quilt

I know I had commented quite a while ago that Piper's quilt was done, but technically it wasn't.  I did not have the binding sewn on until this last week.  I finished it over the holiday break.
I used a striped binding cut on the bias because that is how I roll.  I have an obsession with striped bindings.
This is the front........

This is the back........

And while I must say I am getting irritated with not being able to rotate pictures in can still see it.

The back is minky and this is a super warm quilt (yes I have used it).

Piper loves it.  While she is not the type of kid to drag a blankie around, she does like to snuggle with it when we are on the couch, and gets mad when anyone else wants to use it (unless she is lying with them).

So now, it IS done.  OFFICIALLY!



Friday, January 2, 2015


Happy New Year!!  It is now 2015, and while I am not one to make New Year's Resolutions, this year I have.

My resolution is to work on some form of quilting at least 3 nights a week for an hour.  I figure at least this way I can MAYBE get something accomplished in the quilting department.

While I have large projects I need to get finished I also have some little ones I want to do first just so I can jazz myself up and feel like I am getting somewhere.

On a completely side note.  I actually used my digital camera (not my phone) to take the photos in this post.  When I opened the files to find the photos, holy crap!  Hailey had used the camera for a field trip this last year, and while I had known she had taken it to use I just now looked at the hundreds of photos she took!  Wow!  I am wondering how much of the field trip she actually looked at form NOT behind the lense.  I guess she didn't want to miss anything.

While some were completely random (50%), some were pretty cool......

So anyway, back to my resolution.....

The first thing I want to make is Christmas stockings for the girls.  I got this easy-peasy pattern at my  local quilt shop.
 I have this piece that I believe was originally supposed to be a backing for a Christmas quilt and for whatever reason fell out of love with it.  (I'm still not overly impressed with it.)  It is a few years old.......but I am thinking about adding the last row and using it to make a stocking with.

It's a snowball block, very simple and scrappy.  I thought very cute for a stocking though, especially if I set the pattern on it at an angle.