Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ribs.......New Job

So my new job is going well.  I'm managing to downsize the amount of pain killers to make it through the day.  Ribs are still painful but better.

My neighbor asked me if I shot my horse.  No......I have been bucked off, rolled with, fell with and so on so many times it is amazing I have not broken more bones.  Really..

So that is my update.  I am hoping to try a little rotary cutting this weekend, as I am right handed and my broken ribs are on my right side.  I'll keep you posted.......

UPDATE:  I never got this post published so here it is.  Now on my second week and ribs are doing good, except the one that fully broke (still really sore).  Couldn't rotary cut, then both hubby and Hailey got the flu at the same time this week, so been a little crazy.  Wanting to work on binding tonight.  

Still sleeping in the recliner as laying fully down is painful, and rolling over.

New job is going good, getting a lot of input in and a little free reign.  Loving it....

Throwback Thursday!!!!  Hailey and Hubby many moons ago...