Friday, April 12, 2013


So I've been holding out on all of you, my blogging friends.  Do you know how things kind-of snow ball and next thing you know it has been months since you blogged?

Top that off with being exhausted and sick for about 4 months and, well, motivation was not real high.  So here is the incredible news.  I'm pregnant!  Holy Crap!  We were not planning it, or trying, or talking about it, or thinking about it, or, or, or, or, well.......anyway I am.

As someone told me, I'm not sure who as I have been in a daze for a few months, babbling incoherently, with utterances of baby leaving my lips here and there.  Anyway, as someone said to me, "Everything happens for a reason, even if we do not know that reason".  Huh!

Here is a 3-D shot of new baby Lemerond.
Well I can tell you I do NOT know the reason, but we are riding the wave.  Of course, because evidently some where along the line I got old, I am considered a high risk pregnancy.  So this means more doctors visits, tests, blood being drained from my body like I'm secretly supplying a vampire colony somewhere.  OK, maybe that last bit was a slight exaggeration.  Or not.

Then........we recently found out that not only is my niece pregnant again (due in October)......but my stepdaughter is pregnant also (due in December)!  WOW!!!!  We are dropping babies here like nobodies business!

This means that Mark and I will become new parents (in August), then great Aunt/Uncles again in October and THEN.....(drum roll please).......GRANDPARENTS in December!!!  WTH?!

Our family is so hodge podge and weird, you have to love it!

So, I feel old with this pregnancy.  The nausea has pretty much gone away, but I am very tired and so SORE!  It's another large baby.  Already 4.5cm head and 14oz at 20 weeks.  I am now 21 weeks along this week. 

What I want to know is where do the big a** babies come from?!  No one else in my family has these huge babies!  They all have nice little 6 and 7 pound babies!  Not me though, nooooooo, mine have to be 9lbs and head the size of watermelons!  You laugh, but my daughter's head was 15cm, a woman dilates to 10cm, you do the math!  OK, so maybe I'm a little jealous.  Rant over.  For now.

Daisy, you couldn't have said it better, this is exactly how I feel!!!

OK, so process, discuss, comment, do what you do.....

I'll be back again,