Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A year gone by....new goals

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!  So I am seeing it has almost been a year since I last posted.  This is what happens when life gets crazy.  A lot has happened this last year, a lot of milestones, some heart break.  This year I plan to change my focus.  I have a plan, a plan that may take years to unfold, but the wheel starts moving now.

First things first.....(sound of trumpets)......I have a new Grand baby!!!

Nora was born at the end of June, just 2 days after my birthday.  She's a doll.  Naturally we HAD to see her so we took a week in July to go visit and spend some time with the kids and the grands.  It was awesome, wish they were closer to us!

Oh.....and her quilt.....

I machine bound this front and back.  Turned out cute.  Her name is embroidered at the top there.

Here are some projects I did manage to finish this last year (you will notice my quilt for my bed is NOT one of them......again.....).

Hailey's quilt got completed.  She loves it....

I bound it in black since the front and back do not match, but it is what she wanted.  It is cuter in person.

The Grandma Bonnie was due for a quilt.  I actually do not have a completed picture of this quilt (shame on me) just the quilt top.

She loved it.  Fits the bed in the Extended Care perfectly and adds a homey touch to her room.  She got it for Christmas.

I had also bound some misc quilts I had hanging around for at least the last 6 years.  Two of them were Christmas wall hangings that I hung on Grandma Bonnie's and Grandma Nola's doors in the Extended Care.  Added some nice homey cheer.

I have no good pictures of them so maybe next time.

That is the extent of my quilty accomplishments.  Not much, but a lot considering the events of the year.

Hope you all are having a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Be safe out there.  We just had a major blizzard blow through, buried in snow.



P.S.  My toddler fried my laptop this fall by dumping pop on it.  So another reason it has been a while....sending love.....

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Quilt Retreat

Hello!  I have been having to travel out of town everyday for work lately, so really everything else just suffers. 

The weekend of February 19th I was so excited to get a last minute spot on a quilt retreat.  It had been a while since I had gone on one, and my husband and I BOTH agreed I needed it!  

So I did get Hailey's quilt completed:

It turned out great.  I need to get it in to the quilters now so she can enjoy some snuggle time with it before summer gets here.

I also through together this wall hanging for valentines day.  I will either hand quilt this one or do some basic machine quilting on it on my machine.  It was fun and easy to put together once all the cutting was done.

I have been meaning to make a valentines day wall hanging for years and finally go it done!

This picture did not turn out so good due to poor lighting in the area where the design wall was.  This is a quilt for our bed!  I have been quilting for about 18 or 19 years now (wow) and am FINALLY getting around to making a quilt for MY bed!  I know, right?!?!?

This is half of the center section.  Our bed is a California King, so I have a ways to go, but YAY!

The quilt retreat was at a monastery run by sisters.  It was huge and nice.  Very simple and they cooked for us.  Very simple homemade meals with homemade bread and such.  It was awesome!  

Look at this amazing, huge, rosary that hung on the hallway wall outside my room.  It is beautiful.  Some of the beads were worn like someone actually used it at one time.

Well, next weekend is the Saturday sew day for March.  I'm excited to keep working on MY quilt.  Hopefully I'll get some better pictures.  Those flying geese blocks take a little time.

Keep Sewing!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Finish........and In the Hoop Now (or again)

At about 2am this morning I finished sewing the binding down on my grand daughter's quilt.  Whoop!  Whoop!  

Now I cannot find my fabric pens to date it.  Crap....

I hand quilted this one.  If I had PLANNED on doing that I would have used wool batting, especially since it has Minkee on the back.  Wool batting is like Butta'....

Linking up with Friday Finishes on Confessions of a Fabric Addict....

I have decided this year I am going to focus on UFO's.  Not that I won't do an occasional wall hanging or table runner, but my main focus will be on cleaning things out and finishing them up. 

So.......next in the hoop, OR back in the hoop I should say, is is this gorgeous Laurel Birch quilt I did quite a few years ago.  It was "in the hoop" before Lynlee's but then I had to take it out to get her's done.

I have been dying to get this one hung up on my wall in my bedroom.

I'm a lot farther on it than I thought I was.  Good for me!  So here we go, the beginning of a year of finishes.

Here we go people!!



Saturday, January 2, 2016

Goodbye 2015.......Hello 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!

Next weekend is our first Open Quilt Saturday of the new year and I'm excited!  I want to complete Hailey's quilt and then do something fast and quick.  Just to get my new year started off right!

I bought these at our local shop here last week.  They have one particular fabric line coming in after Christmas that I have my eye on to get......but I could not resist getting these.

I love the Simply Colorful II line.  Those are all my favorite colors in there.  I found the regular charm pack online on sale and had it loaded into the basket to get and then the 2 year old struck.  Do you think I can remember what site I had that on?  I'll have to search back through my history.

I got this pin cushion from a dear friend.  She is really non-blood family, my 2 year old calls her Grandma.  I love it.  The embroidery is awesome, and the walnut fill is supped to keep your needles sharp.

I bought myself an adult coloring book.  I find that not only does it help me de-stress a little, but it also helps get my creative juices flowing again when I find myself going stagnant.  This first picture is as far as I have gotten so far, and it is not completed yet. 

It is a beautiful and sunny day today after a week of gloom and snow.  I do not mind the snow, but it is nice to see the sun again!  Love you sun!!

So Happy New Year, and may it be beautiful and prosperous!