Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am working from home today and since it's not 8:00 yet and I technically do not start work until 8:00 I am taking a moment to blog.  I know all of you out there will understand.

Hailey is sick today.  What had started out as what I thought were growing pains from her latest growth spurt has turned into the flu, or some variation there of.  (Just to be clear, she didn't have a fever and all she kept saying was her legs the past that's growing pains.)

By yesterday afternoon she had the full blown fever, NO energy, and she hurt all over.  This morning she's still feverish and achy and she's sleeping in my bed.

This her just a few minutes ago sleeping......on her Dad's side.

Yep, she's still in her clothes from yesterday.  She came home last night and flopped on the couch.  Ate a bowl of Mac & Cheese, and went upstairs to our room.  I think she was asleep by 7:30.  Mark made me go up there @ 8:30 and mover her to her bed........dead weight.......I don't think she even cracked an eye.  I did take off her jeans (cause I hate sleeping in jeans).

At 3:30 or 4:00 this morning she was trying to climb over me into our bed.  I gave her more Tylenol (cause man was she HOT again!) and laid back down with her.  Where she proceeded to toss and turn and kick me for another 45 minutes before falling back to sleep.  Dad got up at 4:45 to get ready for work so I pushed her over on his side, and that's where she still is.

I like her like this, it's quiet in here!  ;)

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