Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday's and Singing

Today is my Birthday! NA nahnahnahnah!  I had a nice birthday even though I had to work and I worked my but off this weekend fixing everything but the garage roof.  I never knew how blessed I am until my birthday came along and technology brought all my friends out shouting out their well wishes on Facebook.

Mark started tearing off the roof tonight.....finally the weather is cooperating!  For now.  Anyway, I was in the kitchen making dinner.  The kitchen window is open because it's actually a bit cool out today.  Mark has his new MP3 player he got for Father's day plugged into his ears.  I hear tunes from Nickleback and ACDC wafting in from the garage roof.  A bit out of tune but I smile none the less.  After all, now matter how out of tune, that is a voice I know and love.

We have to take pictures of Mark's progress for inspectors and insurance so I went outside to take a couple shots of the "bare spots".  The singing roofer allowed me a fun shot and actually gave me permision to post it.  So naturally, I have to.............secretly knowing I would have anyway!

Here's my rockin' roofer!  At least he's having fun doing it!



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