Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nails & Hands

Hailey and I painted our nails.  Hailey did hers last night and I did mine tonight.  She wanted me to paint mine "Twilight" like hers but she is WAY more tan than me, so that color is a little dark on me.  I went with "Ice Queen".
My rings are off because I was washing dishes......notice the dish pan hands?

This is probably the first time I've had my nails painted in 3 years at least, maybe longer.

This is Mark's hand a little distorted (it's the angle).  Notice the black and blue marks?

Hailey:  "Daddy you should paint YOUR nails." 
(She did stress the your.)
Dad: "They are.....(holds out this hand).....see?"
Hailey tilts her head to the side and smiles her sly smile......she knows she's being teased.

That is all the higher he can lift his thumb on that hand by the way.  At some time in his life he cut the tendon to that thumb.  Now he cannot bring it up flat. Mark has working man's hands.  They are tough, tan and scared, marked by time and life.  They have character, and I love those kind of hands, my Dad had them too.  Except his always had some black in the creases that would just never come out, no matter how hard he scrubbed.  Stained by the work he loved, and the work he didn't, so much.

Mark also has one foot/ankle that has been broken on about three different occasions and has quite a bit of steel in it.  In the winter that foot is ALWAYS cold. Hhhhmmm wonder why?



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