Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tornados and Twilight

We had three tornados within a couple of miles of us tonight.  Maybe closer.....I'm not sure of the exact location they were around here........but they were not next to our house.  We spent a lot of time in the basement tonight. 

Early on in the afternoon in the pre-rain/tornado storm a large branch off of our huge oak tree in our back yard came crashing down on our garage.  It hit the side of the house but most of the damage was on the a few hole in the roof now.

Hard to see through the leaves........but they are attached to a BIG branch sitting on the roof..

Uuuummmmm does anyone know a carpenter?  Oh wait.........I married one!

Then after the storm blew over, it was twilight time.....and it was an AMAZING orange tinted color.  A bit eerie really........and cool!

EVERYTHING in town was tinted this color.........

Beautiful...........and well, odd too....

So we did not get hit with the big tornados......thank goodness.  The garage was in need of new shingles.......which we were planning on working on this summer, that and the shed shingles need replacing.  Now we are doing a whole garage roof and shingles on the shed.

So, anybody got some roofing material just laying around waiting to go up?  NO?  REALLY?  Ok....I guess I can see that.  Thanks for looking though.

Always (in pieces)


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