Saturday, June 5, 2010

Calmer......kinda I'm calmed down now.  I'm sorry for freakin' out on you guys.  Usually I am not like that, the stars must be aligned to freak out mode for me.

I just made about 118 deviled eggs today and a pan of almond bars.  We went to the grocery store first thing in the morning and got a few things they needed and got groceries for my family for the week.  That was fun, trying to translate ingredients.....and find them.

Elli's Mom, Claudia, speaks fairly good English, while her step-dad speaks very little.  He is having a hard time, but Claudia is doing great.  He is very nice and I think he and Mark would get along famously if only they could actually communicate.

Claudia made dinnere for us tonight, and WOW was it good!  I got the recipes from her so we can duplicate it again.  YUM!

Tomorrow is graduation and the big party.  Elli's Mom made a chocolate cake for her.  Well actually two.......evidently American cake pans are half the size of German ones.  So two cakes, a pan of almond bars and about 118 deviled eggs.  I think we are set.

Graduation photos tonight but tomorrow.

BTW....Thanks Rachel, sometimes a person just needs a calm SANE voice to bring them back down to earth!


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