Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Freakin' Out......Inside

I think I'm freakin' out inside a little bit.  OK, I'll be honest, I am REALLY FREAKIN' OUT!!!! (Inside).  Elli's parents are flying in from Germany tomorrow.  Strangers in my house who barely speak a word of English.  I am excited, it is Elli's parents after all.  I am also freakin' out a little.  What will they think?  Of my house, of me?  How do I communicate with these people?  How do I step back being Elli's mom while her REAL mom steps back in?

Freakin' out........

On top of it all we have financial issues going on right now and I am STRESSED.

I have to feed two extra people for four days and then two more days a week later.  I also have to make 150 deviled eggs and a pan of almond bars for a graduation party Sunday.  Elli's mom has to make a German cake for the graduation party also.

So I probably won't make 150 eggs.......probably more like 100.......some people will just miss out.  That's 5 dozen eggs people, plus food for a ravenous family of 7 or so.  This coming from someone who grew up in a family of four and went from being single, to being married, to having ONE daughter living with her (one with her biological mom).  Never quantities of 6 or 7.

Some of you are laughing at me right now I know...........but for me this is BIG.  Did I mention I'm freakin' out?  Food is expensive these days people.....and gas....and.....and.......crap.


This is Elli and her first fish.  This picture is SOOOOO Minnesota!
Yep, I think it pretty much personifies Minnesota.

Hopefully everything will go well and I'll make it through the next few weeks without heart failure.  Pray for me..........I'm headin' for the deep end..........head first.


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  1. Hey girlie, Keep the food simple! Pancakes/ eggs for breakfast. Potatoes/hamburgers supper.They are not coming for the feasts they are coming to see you guys and Elli! It will be ok! Love ya!