Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another storm.......

So we had another storm.  Many, many trees down all over town.  Not just parts of trees but lots of whole trees.  We were lucky this time.  The branches missed our garage and house and just landed in our driveway.

This is our driveway after storm is gone........

This is our driveway AFTER cleanup......

The dumpster is for re-roofing our garage from the last storm........instead we are cutting more firewood.  After we got our front and back yards done, Mark spent the rest of the day helping the neighbors......what a great guy!

So we will try again tomorrow for the re-roof project.

Saw an ALL white butterfly was cool!

Not the BEST picture, but cool right?  We were making him nervous and he was flapping his wings, but they were still wet so he couldn't go anywhere.  We let him be and were careful not to step on him.



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