Friday, September 3, 2010

A Long Weekend.......Short Trip

We are off to Grandma's this weekend!  Yeah!  Which really means I will be computer less for a couple of days.  We are going to the South Dakota State Fair Saturday.  Hailey was NEARLY 3 the last time she was there and too small to ride the rides. 

Now she is too big for some of the "kiddie" rides and Mom has to ride with her sometimes on the big girl rides because she can't go alone.  Grandma may ride some with her too.  Not the wild ones though, Grandma doesn't like the wild ones.  Mom rides the wild ones.

Hailey loves to visit ALL the farm animals too.  She's an animal lover, she would love us to have MANY pets if Mom would let her.

This is an old photo.....(I'm not sure why it won't straighten out, it's not like that before I import it.)

 So Mark is staying behind to hunt with friends.  We will miss him.  The only thing he likes at the Fair though is usually the food.  He's kind-of a poop that way.  So off we go.......I'll try to remember to take pictures.  Then you can see what fun we had.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


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