Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Holy Schmoley!

My daughter is turning 7 this weekend.  She was just a baby just a bit ago right?  Where does the time go?  Seriously, 7!

She's 3 here....(*sniff*)

Mark found a very large salamander and brought it home for Hailey.  Really, this man picks up more lizards and amphibians on the road than anyone I know.  Why?  I'm really not sure.  Hailey had the little girl next door screaming as she practically stuck the thing in her face to show it to her.

Hailey thought it was the coolest thing ever.  By the time I got home the neighbor girl was OK with the thing.  (I think she had to be because Hailey wasn't giving it up!)

These girls are the same age...........(by the way).  Hailey named the salamander Sally.  Sally the salamander.

Meet Sally the salamander..........She is now living somewhere in our backyard.
Hailey did let her go after dinner in a back corner of our yard where there are a lot of bugs and thick vegetation.

The girls did have fun with her for a few hours and were very loving and gentle with Sally.  Hailey wouldn't even let the boys play with her.  Just look that's all.

So there is my soon to be 7 year old.  Jeesh, where did the time go?

What are your kids favorite critters?


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