Monday, August 30, 2010

Do plants eat meat?

Hailey got new books.  They are like Encyclopedias for young kids.  They are educational and she really likes them.  They have cool pictures and SIMPLE explanations.
I like these.........

Here look inside.......

Hailey likes Egyptian stuff......

This is one of Hailey's favorites, she likes lizards.......

Hailey really likes that blue tongued Skink in the upper right corner.  She giggles when she sees it!

While I do not home school, I do not see any reason not to try and help my daughter with her education.  We have been enjoying them.  As she is just starting 1st grade Mom has to help her read them, a lot of words are beyond her yet.  She picks a few more up all the time though.

I think these books will serve her well for quite a few years.  There are like 20 of them, and she also got some educational software for the computer. 

These books are put together by The Southwestern Company and published by Miles Kelly Publishing LTD.


(Disclaimer, these book companies do not know me and have no idea I am writing this blog.  I just think the books are awesome.  Thanks!)

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