Monday, September 6, 2010

Fair Fun.....

We went to the South Dakota State fair in Heron this Saturday with Grandma.  We had fun and walked a whole day almost non-stop.  By the end of the day I had a headache and my feet hurt.  Hailey had a blast on the rides.  Grandma rode the Tilt-A-Whirl with us and LAUGHED the WHOLE ride!  It was so funny.  I never epected my Mom to laugh the entire length of a ride.  Unfortunately I was not able to get a picture of that.  Might have had something to do with my camera being in my pocket and the need to hang on so I wouldn't get spun out of the ride, we were spinning FAST!

The bouncy thing, she was trying to do a flip but couldn't.
She was bummed about the no flip thing.

This was on a ride called the tornado.  She looks scared but she was laughing.....

I think this ride about put her to sleep........SNOOZE!
Hailey is her mother's daughter and likes the THRILL rides!

We ate fair food, saw every animal known to man (and a few I didn't know about).  We even saw some two headed snakes and turtles.  Everything is at the State fair.  It was fun and a nice day for the fair, not too hot, not too cool.

We had fun.


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