Monday, September 20, 2010


Memories falling like leaves
orange, red, yellow
crisp and curled on the edges.

Images shimmering back
haze, fog, playback
movie reels clicking by.

Smiles caught forever on paper
moments, lasting, eternal
the flood gates open once again.

Ahhhh the memories
tapped, perused, refiled
always there in the background.

It's who we are
what made us today
all those memories locked away.

I've been in a reminiscing sort of mood.  A call from an old friend I haven't heard from in a long time threw my brain back through the years.  Awesome memories, troublesome memories, if only, what ifs, whys......all racing around in my head.  A different life in a different place.  Can we take back just portions of our life and not the rest?  No, just move forward.  Learn from past experiences, mistakes and not so mistakes and keep moving forward.  Sometimes we may move in a circle and come back to what we left off with. 

I find that certain people in our lives always cross our paths.  Usually multiple times, in different phases in our lives.  They are connected to us, they all come back around. 

Remembering loved ones past and present......


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