Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Goose Jerky and School

First Day of school is tomorrow.......Hailey is soooooo excited!  She has picked everything out, showered, washed, checked everything.  She knows her teachers name and what room number her class is and what grade she is in.  I think she is ready.

Mark went goose hunting this weekend and did great.  He cleaned them and cut them up before I got home (YEAH!).  I hate cleaning birds.....yuck!  The feathers, wrinkly skin, the tendons, it grosses me out.  When we got home it was cleaned and thinly sliced and marinating in a bag in the fridge. 

Mark then smoked it over the fire pit in the back yard.  He chose maple wood for the smoking.  It was a perfect day for it, cool, breezy and yet sunny.

This is the last piece of goose jerky, and it didn't make it in the house.

I admit I was a little grossed out when Mark first mentioned it because I do not like goose.  It's fatty and greasy.  I must say this jerky did not taste like goose.  It tasted GOOD!  Mark had a lot of people try it before telling them it was goose and everyone was shocked.

Goose Jerky..........

Surprisingly good.  I'm hoping he gets a deer this year so we can make venison jerky with this recipe.  It will be awesome!

Yum! Yum! Yum!

1st day of school to come..........stay tuned!


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