Sunday, September 12, 2010

1st day and remembering....

So Hailey had her first day back to school.  We started out with the usual excitement and YEAH! school, I'm so excited! attitude.  Then she found out who was sitting next to her at school.
It wouldn't be a picture if she wasn't posing like a model........

So there is a little girl who happens to go to Hailey's daycare that is, well, a pretty honoree little turd, is that politically correct?  Oh, well.....
She is sitting right next to Hailey in school and she bugs Hailey all day long.  She rifles through her desk, kicks her legs, bumps her arm when she's know the drill.  I guess this little girl has been in trouble both days (the whole 2 days) they have had school.
I am e-mailing her teacher as we speak and request she be moved.  Hailey has a hard enough time staying focused she does not need this little girl pestering her all day on top of it.  School is supposed to be fun.  1st grade is too soon for her to start loosing interest already.

So I saw a lot of posts on Saturday titled remembering.  Seems a lot of people were remembering, or maybe reminiscing September 11 and that tragic day.  Well, I was also one of them, I just didn't blog about it yesterday.  I took a moment in my day yesterday (I had a lot to spare, but that's a different story) to remember what I was doing that day and how it has changed our way of American life.
I was locked down on an Air Force Base trying to concentrate on a contractors conference while armed guards stood at our doors and they interrupted the conference every now and then with an update of what was going on.  You see, it wasn't safe for us to leave the base as a grouping of cars driving down the street on the base as we could have been a target for attack.  A little unnerving.......

We eventually were allowed to leave, escorted off base by armored hummers with automatic rifles mounted on top of them. 
Working on a military base you see all that stuff all the time and work around it.  A person can be desensitized from the guns and armory when you see it every day.  Although when those same guns and weapons and MEN are standing right there and escorting you every where for YOUR PROTECTION, it kind-of puts a different spin on it.  They go from watching you work so you don't steal any top secret military strategy or sensitive government information, to standing there watching you to protect your life, and now they are in full combat uniform........helmets and all.

I have always been thankful for our troops and admire what they do and how they live.  While I do not always agree with the wars we fight, I will ALWAYS support the men and women who fight them.  They are only following orders.

So I also, remembered the senseless violence.  I pray that someday it will all end and we will be able to live our own lives and let others live theirs, in peace.


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