Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The case of the Missing Mittens........

Once upon a time there was a woman who was really frustrated with her daughter for never bringing home her gloves from school.  If it happens again she may be throttled or grounded.  On the positive side, I bet she would start remembering her gloves!

(Don't call child services, I don't actually beat my daughter, no matter how tempting.  I am a little pissy about the 4 pairs of missing gloves though......)

Grounding works well for Hailey as she is a social person and hates being cut off from her friends.  Time-outs never worked.

Ever grounded a 5 year old?  I never thought it would work on a 5 year old but it did.  Ever since then grounding seems to be the ultimate punishment.

Planning X-mas gifts for the Boogs, need to space them out.  The online sales seem pretty nice this year, been finding some good deals.  The crowds really get to me during the Holidays.  I try to avoid places like the mall this time of year.  There are times I love the internet.

Got your Christmas shopping done yet?

I've started.........

That's good right?


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