Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas is coming.......

See that white stuff behind the logo up there......that is what it looks like out our window.  Well not quite that bad.

It quit snowing a little while ago.  But there is more on the way.  We're supposed to go to South Dakota for Christmas........might make it.  I guess we'll see.

I made bunches and bunches of cookies for this weekend.  I also got the house and tree decorated.  Christmas cards went out in the mail this afternoon.

She's not even touching the tree, looks like she is though huh?

Of course there are the ever present peace signs.....they must always appear in at least one picture.  She looks JUST like her bog sister in this picture.  If I hadn't just taken this picture I would say it was Sydney.
This is Hailey's new thing.  She discovered how to make these hearts.  I've found these around the house.  She's made others. 

She writes notes on the back of them.  Things like "I love my Mom. She's cooler than Dad."  Or something along those lines.....

Our Christmas tree lights decided they are blinkers.  Only one section was blinking after we set it up.  Then we had a power outage tonight and now all of them are blinking.  Weird.


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