Thursday, April 1, 2010


I live in a black hole.  I mean my's a black hole.  There are many things that have simply just disappeared from our house.  I're thinking 'you just misplaced them'.  Well there have been times where I have ripped this house apart from top to bottom, almost literally and still never found those items. 

One of those items is my small portable DVD player.  My husband 'pu it up' so my daughter (then about 4 or 5) would quit playing with it.  We have never seen it again.  It is lost, but not forgotten, in this blackhole of a house.  There have been several other things......I cannot remember them all at this point (I'm lucky to remember things like buy soap).

This is my daughter standing in the Blackhole.  Fortunately we still know where she is at!
(Don't mind the mess we had just finished dinner!)

Ever seen the movie Return to Halloween Town (I think that's the one).  Anyway there is the dog looking guy in Halloween town that everything that is ever lost goes to his house.  (It's a mess too!)  I think that is where my CD player is.  It's a mute point anyway, now that I have an MP3 player.  Let's just keep our fingers crossed that doesn't end up in the blackhole!  I'm locking it up! 

Maybe someday we'll be packing our stuff, moving from this house, and boom......everything will magically appear.  Yeah, right.

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