Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Long Hot Bath.......

I think a long hot bath is in order, after a rainy, cold weekend.  Grandma's was fun and Hailey did not want to leave.  I was sad to see Karm go.......but, well, you know.  I got the next book in my series from Grandma and one of my favorite things is sitting in a HOT tub and reading a good book with a BIG mug of hot cocoa.  AAAAAHHHHH! 

I'm feeling pretty creepy crawly too.  It is CRAZY tick season over @ Grandma's house and just being outside invites them on over.  Of course, we had to play with the horses too, so ticks, ticks,ticks.  Makes my skin crawl just typing it!  EEEEEWWWWWW!

Found 2 on Hailey and one on Hubby after horse play.  Yuck!  Pulled a few off the horses too.  Poor guys, I bet they wish they had fingers at times like those.

Don't mind me (I look HORRIBLE, wasn't planning a photo op!).......Just look a cute Rebel and Cutie Hailey....

We brushed him up.....boy did he like that.  Anyway....I suppose I should go make that mug of cocoa and soak with my new book.  See yall' on the Sunny Side!


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