Thursday, April 8, 2010

UnderPressure Quilter.......

OK......I was scrambling around last night to finish my "row" for a Row Quilt Exchange I've been participating in.  I don't know why I didn't do it earlier,  I'm sure I could come up with LOTS of excuses.  So anyway my husband made the comment:

"You just love doing this stuff under pressure, you always do this."

"What? I do not!"

"Yep, whenever you have a deadline you always wait until last minute."

This is my husband and this is close to the same smile he had on his face during this conversation (except he has his summer haircut now)!

And then he laughed and walked away.  He LAUGHED!  (Maybe those weren't the EXACT words of our conversation, but it was the general jist.)

I smiled to myself and thought about it for a while as I brought my sewing machine upstairs because I didn't want to miss the Idol final.  (No I don't have a TV in my sewing room.)

You know.........and I HATE to say this because if he reads this he will be completely unbearable.....he's right.  (I will NOT say that again.  Enjoy it while you can dear!)

I guess I would classify myself as an "Underpressure Quilter".  I do my best work when scrambling to meet a deadline.  My theory is that with working full time and raising a family and hosting a foreign exchange student and being somewhat sociable.........quilting gets put off more than I would like it to.  Sometimes it's hard when your dog tired to take that hour or hour and a half window at the end of the day and just sew a little.

But when I have a deadline looming bigger than eyes light up, the adrenaline flows and I'm a sewing fool.

So, I finished my row at midnight last night.  I would have had it done sooner but I had to do things like put my daughter to bed and read her a story and you know......stuff.  And wouldn't you know it.......I modified the pattern (surprise! surprise!)  I didn't like where it was going and how it was going to end up so I left one part off.

Her theme was winter.

So what kind of quilter are you?

Do you do your best work under pressure or are you methodical and meticulous with planning your time and scheduling?  (I envy those people.)



  1. Thanks Rachel! Smowball block minus the center snowball! (I thought the extra white was too overpowering.)