Monday, April 5, 2010

Mom's Quilt

Soooooo......time to buckle down and make my Mom's quilt.  Let me tell you guys something......I've been fretting over this quilt for some time now......and I'll tell you why. 

FIRST this is my MOM not my sister, not my husband, my MOM!  This woman gave birth to me and raised me and has listened to me for 30.....sooooommmmethinnng.......odd years!

THIS is my MOM (chillin at my house!)

Her taste is fairly simply, but not really, her color choices are hard.  She's always surprising me with her color choices.  I think since I have known her, her coloring choices change in her house about every 10 years.  The bad part is just when I think I have her nailed..........I don't.

Have I told you I've been FREAKIN' OUT about this quilt?!

So after changing the design about 10 times, I think I have finally settled on a cool one.  I've designed it myself, but unfortunately I cannot show it to you , since MOM might read this!

OK so here are the major players:

These are the center star  approximately 2' square.  I have to hand cut these pieces from templates.  I could machine sew them, but to be honest I might just hand sew the center square.
A. Because accuracy is SO important for these stars to turn out.
B. Just because it's my MOM!

So, are you with me yet?

THESE are the gradation fabrics around the star.

Are you still with me?  MOM has seen this selection of fabrics ( not the ones for the center) mostly because I was SOOOO unsure of myself.  Well, MOM liked them!  YEAH!!!  I don't have the rest of the fabric yet, but I'm working on it.

Should I stop capitalizing my "MOM" yet?  I'm hoping she loves this quilt and cherishes it always.  I hope everytime she looks at it she thinks of me and my family and if how much we love HER!  (I didn't capitaize mom!)

Well, tell me what you think,  I know it's hard to say without the pattern, but you'll have to wait.............just like............MOM!


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