Saturday, October 16, 2010

A day to relax......

This week has been very stressful and very eventful.  I did not accomplish anything I wanted to and had a few out comes I never wanted.  Some outcomes were surprisingly simple. 

So I slept in today, made my daughter pancakes, and finished reading my book.  Made my husband a BLT for lunch after he got home from work and helped him a little with the new fascia board he's putting up on the back shed.

It is another day, and today, God willing, it will be uneventful and quiet.  Might I dare say, restful?  Is typing that permanently jinxing everything, or committing it to being so?  I will go with the makes me feel better.

It's my blog......I can if I want.

I picked these today......

OK......I was going to post some Mums here that I picked today.......but my "I" drive that I need to upload the picture has stopped working.

I really need to get my computer in to get's been having issues for a while now.

So I hope you enjoy a picture of someonelses Mums, and imagine mine sitting on my table in all their purplish glory!

You know, mine are prettier though........


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