Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where did the week go?????

I just logged on to do a post and saw the last time I posted was Tuesday!  WOW!  Where did the week go?  Did I really not post at all after Tuesday?  Hmmmm........let's see...

Wednesday - work and then to school to pick up Hailey from cheer practice, quick dinner then football game where Hailey performed at halftime.  Home put three girls to bed (sleep over).

Thursday - Get three girls up, pick up the house, get two girls home and one ready to go.......go to post office, bank get gas, go to friend Rachel's house for sewing................................home, make dinner, greet new dog who came home with husband, play fetch FOREVER!  Get him settled.  Get kid to bed......clean up kitchen and put me to bed.

Friday - tried sleeping in (failed spectacularly - it was a tremendous effort though).  This day is a bit of a blur......I'm not sure what all went down that day, walked the dog for an hour, paid bills, bought a collar, leash, dog food, cleaned up house, washed dog kennel, washed dog (he was extremely stinky) took cargo cage out of back of truck, put dog kennel in back of truck, packed to go to Grandma's loaded truck, left for grandma's................that's what I remember.  I think there was a lot more going on that day.  I just can't remember it all.

Saturday - at grandma's

Sunday - 1/2 day at Grandma's, home @ 4:50....unload/go get food for us and dog food (Mark forgot the dog food at Grandma's) catch with dog for a Hailey with a lot of homework, get her sale items together for school, get her in shower and to some laundry and blog.......

OK......well that is where my week went.

Here is Diesel, our new/old dog.  He is supposed to be 5, but he looks older than that.  He's very energetic and could fetch all day.....

I'm not exactly sure how he actually gets that tongue in his mouth.  This is his general look, pretty much all the time.  Isn't he cute?

Ever feel like you're being watched?  This is who was watching me while I was taking these pictures.....

Grandma's barn kitties were following me around everywhere this morning.  They were very interested in what I was doing......from a distance.  They pretty much let me get too much closer.

It was a nice weekend though.

Tomorrow is my last day off.  Hmmmmmm........what to do.........


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