Monday, October 25, 2010


I started a new work out regime this month.  Might I say it's been kicking my ass?  Not only is it hard to get it worked into an already crazy schedule, but I am SERIOUSLY out of shape.  I was also right, I cannot swim more than two laps in a row right now.

I spent my whole day cleaning this house from top to bottom......don't ask it's a long story, let's just say it HAD to be done.  I was a bit pissy today about that as I was supposed to spend all day today working on my nieces place mats for her wedding.  Anyway, I digress, the point is I've been moving non stop all day and have walked up and down my two sets of stairs more times today than I have in two months.

Had to walk the dog tonight then on top of that I had to still go work out tonight.  Let's just say I'm beat!

It may kill me yet.........stay tuned........


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