Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Good News...

Here is the good news........

1.  I've lost about 5 pounds (I'm not dead yet either, you may have noticed.)

2.  Tomorrow is Friday

3.  Sunday is Halloween ( I LOVE Halloween, even though I am TOTALLY not prepared for it this year!)

4.  It's supposed to be fairly nice this more wind (Did it seriously follow us from Great Falls?  Or is the ozone so depleted that the spinning of the earth is literally blowing our hair back?  he he!)

5. Tomorrow is Friday........ Oh, did I say that already?

6.  I can watch Bones on the internet because I missed it tonight.

7. I love this picture........ 

8.  I still have time to finish my nieces center pieces for her wedding.  (Not much........but some.)

9.  House be damned, I'm working on those center pieces this weekend!

10.  It's my friend Rachel's Birthday today.......Happy Birthday Rachel!  Come and sew at my house Saturday, we'll lock the kids in a room together with bread and water.  (I kid, kind-of. )


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