Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Really about nothing.......

Hi!  I'm coming back online!  I had a break from my computer.  I'm back now though.  Guess who else is back?!?!

I think I mentioned this in my last post.  I just wanted to put a picture in of her.  It's a Mom thing.  Looking back I did not post any pics of Elli leaving though.  I have airport shots. are a couple!

Elli checking bags at the airport......(we had to move a few things around so BOTH bags would be under 50lbs!)  Airports will do anything to charge you more money!

Elli getting ready to go through the security line.  We couldn't go to her gate with her (we might try to hijack something or something).  You know us crazy Midwesterners!

We miss Elli.

One thing about Hailey being home......I don't have to worry about my house being too clean anymore!  Yep, the clutter has returned.  Toys, shoes, clothes, toys everywhere.  They are everywhere!  What sucks is it's too hot to play outside for long.  The humidity is crazy and the heat is crazier.  We did manage a night at the fair.  and get this, our air conditioner broke, puked out!  It's been 80 degrees in this house for about two weeks straight I think.

HOT!  YUCK!  I need to get my basement back together and move the TV down there so I can be relatively cool.  Can I move my kitchen down there too?  Way to hot to actually COOK up here.  We had tacos tonight by the way.  YUM!

OK, so see you guys next time...I promise to get back on it!


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