Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No more TV.....

Our TV broke tonight.  Mark is grouchy about it, I'm not sure why though since he'll just go upstairs and watch something up there.  Hailey and I are the ones that won't get to watch it anymore.  I'm hoping with a little rest tonight and all day tomorrow, whatever is bothering it will remedy itself and will be fine. 

(I know, wishful thinking.)  It's not like I watch a lot of TV, but I do have certain shows I like to watch. 

Why is it that men are allowed to get pissy about things breaking and be grouchy whenever they want but women can't?  When a woman gets grouchy or pissy about something then its a major catastrophe.  Why are you so GROUCHY?  Quit being such a GROUCH!  (I'm saying these in my best snotty 6 year old voice I have.)

I love my husband, but you know what?  I think he PROJECTS his grouchiness on me a lot.  Now I am grouchy though......he projected it right on over here and stuck!  YUCK!

I think I need to go meditate!

(HA!  I wish this were me!  :)  )


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