Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh where oh where has my little dog gone...........

I have had the oddest songs floating through my head tonight.  Everything from Mozart to 30's swing to chidren's songs.  It's been very odd.  Hailey and I have been dancing around the kitchen like goof balls to Mom singing whatever pops into her head.

Hey!  We finally got the house cooled back down.  It's been getting into the low 60's the last couple nights and we finally got the house temp back down to 72.  It's supposed to get stinky hot again though this weekend so we'll see how long that will last.  I'm enjoying it right now though!!!!

Maybe we'll go swimming at the pool tomorrow.  Hailey loves to go swimming, sometimes I wish we had an outdoor pool though, they are nice in the summer.

I do need to clean my house though........yick!  I did a major cleaning last weekend so I just need to do superficial cleaning now.  Did I tell you I cleaned out Hailey's room while she was gone?  Two bags of STUFF ( went to good will.  (hehehehe)  She hasn't even noticed.  I knew she wouldn't.  Mom is so sneaky!!

Hailey and Mark have been wrestling a lot......making up for lost time.  A few calls have been made to Santa already ratting out one or the other.  Feet have been sniffed......(don't ask).

And.......we are back to watching TV upside down again........

Yep......that is a tattoo on her chest.  It's been there for weeks, the others have come off.


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